Bedworth United Junior FC

Bedworth United JFC
Ambleside Road
CV12 8RS
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Bedworth United Football Club

Coventry Road
CV12 8RT
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Goodyers End Primary

Bowling Green Lane
CV12 0HP
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Key Contacts

President Liam Moore
Secretary Richard Powell
Treasurer Jon Rouse Send email
Membership Secretary Andrew Parsons
Webmaster Andrew Parsons

U8's Officials

U9's Juniors Coach Ben Olney
U9's Juniors Team Admin Ben Olney

Tots Officials

TOTS Head Coach James Goodwin 07954 416647 Send email

U9's Warriors Officials

U10's Warriors Coach Jason West

U9's Juniors Officials

U10's Juniors Coach Dean Wainwright Send email
U10's Juniors Team Admin Dean Wainwright Send email

U11's Juniors Officials

U11's Juniors Coach martin jones
U11's Juniors Team Admin martin jones
U11's Juniors Team Admin leonie daniel

U12's Officials

U12's Juniors Coach Andrew Parsons
U12's Juniors Team Admin Andrew Parsons
U12's Juniors Assistant Manager Adam Steane
U12's Juniors Coach Steve Brooks

U13's Officials

U13's Juniors Coach Liam Moore
U13's Juniors Coach Scott Hennerley
U13's Juniors Coach Luke Hennerley
U13's Juniors Team Admin Sarah Moore
U13's Juniors Team Admin Robert Haynes Send email

U13 Lions Officials

U13's Lions Coach Alan Tyler
U13's Lions Coach Tom Thacker
U13's Lions Team Admin Alan Tyler

U13's Officials

U14's Juniors Coach martyn harris
U14's Juniors Coach darren boon
U14's Juniors Coach neil gibson
U14's Juniors Team Admin martyn harris
U14's Juniors Team Admin Shelly Boon

U14's Officials

U15's Juniors Coach Richard Powell
U15's Juniors Team Manager Richard Powell
U15's Juniors Coach Jason Hammersley
U15's Juniors Team Admin Neil Preston
U15's Juniors Team Admin Richard Powell

U15's Juniors Officials

U16's Juniors Coach Pete Benn
U16's Juniors Coach Jon Rouse Send email
U16's Juniors Team Admin Pete Benn
U16's Juniors Team Admin Jon Rouse Send email

FA Skills Centre Officials

FA Skills Centre Coach Leah Grant Send email
FA Skills Centre Team Admin Leah Grant Send email

Other Officials

Coach Paula Harrison
Coach james wheatley
Team Admin Paul Harrison Send email
Team Admin Sean Grant
U12s Lions Team Manager Luke Greenfield 07962377722 Send email
U11's Juniors Assistant Manager Lewis Halfacree


Club sponsors